Days without runs

When I decide that I want to qualify ‘fit’ to run marathons, I need to dedicate myself to a routine that helps me reach that particular goal. BUT There are days without runs, When I decide I need to slow down on my running days and have days when I do yoga or strengthening, I … Continue reading Days without runs


Playlists and Runs

Woke up for a run today. Saw that my iPod wasn’t charged! I quickly took my charger and charged it for at least 15mins. This actually increased my inclination to run another round on the ground. It got me thinking, why are we so depended on music when we get out for a run?   … Continue reading Playlists and Runs

Fear, race, goals and My Mind

Situation: 5am- Warming-up for a marathon at a park close to the START line.   I usually warm up on my own. But here is a popular marathon in the city and there is ‘Zumba’ which is supposed to be the warm up to the race. I find myself hardly being able to focus on … Continue reading Fear, race, goals and My Mind