When your Mind Runs and Body Does Not

Injury and sport go hand in hand. But when one is injured, the statement gives you only one reaction- “Why?!”

Here is the start of the problem. When your mind and body are not aligned. When your mind runs faster than your body. When your mind runs but your body does not.

As a very on and off endurance runner, a regular gym goer and a person with a history of ankle ligament injuries, another injury should be fine. Yes, the injury is fine, we take steps to get out of it but we do not prepare our mind to physically be off ‘routine’, to be off ‘exercise’.

I will share what happened with me recently, after an ankle sprain.

  • My run ‘schedule’ went for a toss.
  • The strengthening exercise was thrown out, because hell, I cannot even sit in vajrasana.
  • Yoga was limited.
  • My mood to do everyday abdominal exercise had depleted.
  • I went back to a routine of ‘doing nothing’ ‘sometimes doing some yoga’

My mind started running to this. ‘When I get ok, I will do this…..’ ‘When I get back on track, I will do this…..’ My mind started running to a future thought process, and I really didnt know the date for that.

But slowly, I started realising at lease I need to get my ankle strengthening exercises, my yoga exercises back on track.

  • Started with simple suryanamaskars-12, 24 daily.
  • Second goal- Handstand practice.
  • Third- slow jog thrice a week.
  • Fourth- Get my ankle and leg muscles stronger.

When I set these goals, I have started only with the first one one as of now. But this has made my focus shift to the present, to what I am doing and I no longer think about ‘When I am fit again, I will…’ because fitness is a process and injury is a part of it. We just have to work towards getting fitter and strengthening the muscles which are a part of that injury. Which is what we end up not doing.

Because the strengthening needs efforts, not waiting.






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